Dungeons and Dragons stamps. Worthy or no?

I’m pretty excited about the announcement that the USPS will issue a set of Dungeons and Dragons stamps in 2024. It is a little nerd fest for me.

However, some are not so excited.

Linn’s Stamp News made a Facebook post about the issue and some of the responses were:

            -“Oh ferchristsake.”

            -“D&D gets a stamp? Do we honor any major historical events anymore?”

-“Historical events are controversial. Can’t put that on a stamp. Only graffiti, skateboards, and such important stuff.”

The Batman stamps

Back in 2014, the USPS issued a set of stamps commemorating Batman. It wasn’t the first stamp for the superhero or for superheroes in general.

The 2014 Batman stamps have long been a favorite of mine.

I’ve been a fan of Batman since I was a kid. When I say a fan, I mean I like all iterations of Batman. Adam West (kapow!). The Justice League cartoons. Michael Keaton. Christian Bale. Heck, I even liked George Clooney as Batman.

Naturally, when the 2014 set was issued, I was there. I purchased the sheet, some singles, and the First Day Covers. All of it.

For no other reason than I loved Batman.

On some of the forums, however, the anti-pop culture on stamps group raised its head. They simply felt a comic book hero was not a worthy topic for a U.S. postage stamp.

Back to Dungeons and Dragons

The 2024 schedule of U.S. stamps includes some fun stuff – pinback buttons, winter whimsy, and the like.

Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad is one of several historically significant events/activities that will be honored with a U.S. Postage Stamp in 2024.

It includes some important historical topics such as the Underground Railroad and an honoring of Constance Baker Motley.

There is also conservation (save the Manatee), honoring of sports legends, and much more. It’s a diverse offering in 2024.

Is a set of D&D stamps a worthwhile topic?

It is a pop culture icon. The game is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. It’s been played by millions. It is just a game, and it lacks the historical significance of another 2024 recognition – the Underground Railroad.

And let’s be honest. The stamp-collecting world can get a bit snooty from time to time.

My memories of Dungeons and Dragons are fond. I started playing at about ten years old. As a teen, my father would play with us, and it was one of the few things we could do together without awkward tension or arguing. More recently, I’ve spent hours playing with my children, and it has been a fun “together” activity.

Then there’s school. At most schools where I’ve taught, there has been a Dungeons and Dragons or gaming club. For more than a few, it has been one of the few places where some of these kids fit in and are accepted for who they are.

Maybe that alone makes the game worthy of USPS recognition.

Dungeons & Dragons. Sure to become another favorite of mine.