BRIEF SPIN: Just the service directory, or is it enough?

Got a carburetor issue in my little tractor. Got a guy who worked on it a couple of years ago and did an excellent job at a reasonable price, but I’ve lost his card and don’t remember where I found him. So I did a Google Search.

Tractor Repair

He didn’t appear. Only when, while trying to recall his name (and it took a couple of times), I Googled his exact business name did he appear. Facebook. Thumbtack. A couple of other directories. No website.

Tractor repair has about 10,000 searches a month, according to Google. He should’ve been found under tractor repair. I mean, that’s what he does.

service directory

Many small service-oriented businesses use sites like Thumbtack and Home Advisor for customer acquisition. However, is that enough?

A few days later, he came out to repair my tractor. We chatted, but he feels strongly his Thumbtack listing is enough. but even the smallest business, even a small home-service type business, needs a website. They need to think about how people look at them. How people find people to fix their tractors, lawn mowers, seal their driveways, clean the gutters, and more.

Even with the SEO that a website like Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Shopify, or some others bring to the table, it’s just not enough to appear at the top of local search.

I know these sites bring a lot to the table. My former (and sadly now late) brother-in-law was a general handyman, and Home Advisor dramatically changed his business for the better. But it wouldn’t be enough today.

Since, as I’d mentioned, he’d done a great job in the past for a reasonable price, I stuck with my search much longer than I normally would have. He was just too hard to find.

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