Brief Spin: The return of traditional media?

traditional media

 I admit to having a weird hobby, and it involves traditional media.

I still read the newspaper no matter what town I’m in. I pick up a copy of the local fish wrap and read. But I do more than that. I count ads. I estimate ad inches. I look at and count the pre-print inserts. It all tells a story about the health of a newspaper.

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Crazy requests from folks seeking a little PR in the paper

I’ve worked on both sides (and then some) of the fence throughout my career.

I was a journalist, culminating as editor and publisher of a media group. I’ve been the editor for weeklies, dailies, web-only news outlets, magazines, and more. I’ve worked in PR, writing press releases, organizing events, and pitching stories to the media. I have also worked on the advertising side as advertising sales and as a media buyer. In these roles, I’ve received a few crazy requests from folks who wanted something from us.

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Approaching the press release as a journalist

The press release, long an important tool in the public relations toolbox still remains relevant. With the disruption in the news industry, I think a well-written press release is more relevant today than ever before. 

As a professional writer, I’d hate to count how many press releases I’ve written and as a journalist with 20-plus years of experience, I’d really hate to count how many I’ve received. However, it is these experiences that inform how I approach writing a press release. 

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The customer is not always right, but treating the customer right is

The customer is always right. I’ve heard this phrase throughout my life, as have you.

I served as editor and publisher of a group of small-town weekly and twice-weekly newspapers. One of our bigger specials of the year was the annual graduation section. We’d run a photo and bio of every high school graduate in our community. Alongside it was all manner of congratulations ads from businesses, parents, grandparents, and the like.

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