About Clay Morgan

Hello. I’m Clay Morgan. Welcome to my little corner of the stamp-collecting world.

Like many people, I wear a lot of hats. My favorite is pictured below. I love this photo of my three favorite people on the planet when we visited New York City a few years ago! It reflects so much joy and brings me a surge of wonderful memories when I look at it.

Clay Morgan

A dad and his girls in New York City.

Now on to brass tacks.

The quick bullet points. I am many things:

  • A dad.
  • A Christian.
  • A military veteran (U.S. Coast Guard).
  • A teacher.
  • A journalist.
  • A judo fighter.
  • A professional writer.
  • A stamp collector.
  • A gardener.
  • A wanderer.
  • So much more.

Collecting stamps and postal history has been a huge part of my life for decades. It is a hobby I love and one I share with my children. Not limited to this list, but here are my “areas” of philately:

  • Haiti – stamps. Collected on Steiner Pages.
  • Ireland – stamps. Collected on White Ace Pages.
  • General Worldwide – stamps. Collected in Scott International “Big Blues.”
  • U.S. Coast Guard Postal History. Collected in Vario Pages.
  • Scouts on Stamps – stamps and postal history. Collected in Vario Pages.

I also have a mishmash collection – just stuff that interests me. It is mostly housed in Vario pages. Or neat and highly organized piles. Yea, that’s it. Neat and highly organized.