About Clay Morgan

Hello. I’m Clay Morgan. Welcome to the site of my little company, Morgan Media, Inc.

Like many people, I wear a lot of hats. My favorite is pictured below. I love this photo of my three favorite people on the planet when we visited New York City a few years ago! It reflects so much joy and brings me a surge of wonderful memories when I look at it.

Clay Morgan

A dad and his girls in New York City.

Now on to brass tacks.

The quick bullet points. I am many things:

  • A dad.
  • A Christian.
  • A military veteran (U.S. Coast Guard).
  • A teacher.
  • A journalist.
  • A judo fighter.
  • A professional writer.
  • A stamp collector.
  • A gardener.
  • A wanderer.
  • So much more.

Here’s the deal. I’ve written and edited more copy than I know what to do with. I’m a heavily published author and have successfully completed a myriad of projects for a wide range of companies. I believe writing is the foundation for any type of communications and public relations product.

But the goal here is simple. I use solid marketing and communications techniques to help businesses make more money.

5 Reasons to Hire Clay Morgan

  1. For more than 20 years, Clay worked as a journalist, starting as a reporter, and eventually becoming an editor and publisher. He has won a slew of journalism awards from the Associated Press, as well as the Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Texas Press Association. He knows the needs of news organizations and publications and knows how editors think.
  2. When you hire Clay, you work with Clay. You are not handed off to an intern, assistant, or someone else. You have Clay’s personal attention.
  3. As a newspaper publisher, Clay had full bottom- and top-line responsibility. He had to generate revenue, meet payroll, hire and train staff, and do all the things a business owner or manager must do. He knows the struggle and has walked the walk.
  4. As a publisher, Clay increased advertising and subscription revenues during a time of disruption and decline for the industry. What does this mean? He understands how to strategically market and engages sales efforts that get results.
  5. Clay is a well-rounded writer. He’s published in trade and retail magazines, blogs, and newsletters, and has published fiction. With this versatility, coupled with experience writing case studies, press releases, and other sales and marketing materials ranging from a single paragraph to book-length projects, he can meet your content needs.