An example for my little super heroines

Years ago, in 2013, when my three girls first came to live with me, but still before the adoption, I was tasked with getting them something to wear for a superhero themed party.

I was so excited. It was the first party they’d been invited to and they were thrilled to no end. Off I go to Target to find appropriate superhero costumes for my girls.

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The Classroom: A leadership challenge of a lifetime

Note: I originally published this article on LinkedIn.

Through my life, by accident or design, I’ve found myself repeatedly in a role of leadership. It may have been as a patrol leader in Boy Scouts, serving on the board of a local organization, or as executive editor and publisher of a newspaper or media group.

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A different educational journey

Coast Guard

High school.

Wow. What a memory. I sucked at high school. Kind of funny that I teach it today.

I was an average student. I made good grades in English and history because I enjoyed those subjects, and got by in science and math because I hated those subjects. That’s about all I can say, honestly.

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